Refregerator Universal Evaporator Fan Motor SM999

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SM999 This Fan Motors is an aftermarket part which can be used as replacement of OEM part.Evaporator Fan Universal Motor Kit 120 Volt 3000 RPM, Single Speed CW -clockwise rotation OR CCW-counter clockwise rotation. Replaces over 450 different evaporator motor types, Break off 2" Motor Shaft with Breakaways at 1/2" and 1-1/2".


Break off 2" motor shaft with breakaways at ½" and 1 ½"
Prefastened multi fit, break off mounting bracket
CSA® Approved
UL® Recognized
Impedance protected
Includes all mounting accessories and hardware
Reversible rotation
Single speed
Shaft diameter ⅛"
Replaces over 450 different evaporator type motors

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