EXPHV10 High Voltage Diode


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EXPHV10 Microwave High Voltage Diode

Replaces Part Numbers:
AP2026385, PS239843, WB27X1160, DE91-70063D, AP4236698, PS4235633, 2084375, AP2151558, PS472334, 5304417430, PS3528798, AP4439834, 6021W3B001U, 6851W1A002E, AP3960683, PS1532581, 5304456178, 3518400800, AP4433625, PS2364451, 5304472472, R9800486, AP6014695, PS11747959, WPR9800486, AP5633255, PS4085135, 11QBP0237, AP3792899, PS953886, WB27X10744, PS2370026, AP4484210, WB18X10449, AP3994109, PS1481239, EA1481239, WB27X10930, AP3187536, PS239704, EA239704, WB27X10562, 13091701, AP6005641 PS11738693, WP13091701, AP6005641 PS11738693, B8383102, AP3207509, PS953843, EA953843, WB27X10687, AP2026017 PS239224, WB27X10107, PS239148, AP2025948, EA239148, WB27X10037, AP6014620, PS11747873, WPDE91-70063D, PS3528798, AP4439834, 6851W1A002E, 6021W3B001R, AP5791119,  PS8754690, WB27X21012    


CALIFORNIA RESIDENT ONLY - Proposition 65 Warning:
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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