(6 Pack) EXP497 Micro Limit Switch (NO) Normally Open


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(6 Pack) EXP497 Microwave Secondary Door Switch (Normally Open)    

  • Max. Current:  16A  125/250VAC
  • Approvals: CCC CE UL VDE 
  • Mounting Size: 22.2*10.3mm            
  • Size: 27.8*10.3*15.9mm
Cross Reference Info:
3B73362F, WB24X816, 6600W1K003C, QSWMA085WRE0, WB24X829, WB24X10180, 00606693, 00633795, WB23X10019, 251201600929, 5304408938, WB24X10029, 5304408938, 5304423463, 5304440026, WB24X0815, WB24X10038, WB24X10047, WB24X10072, WB24X10139, WB24X10140, WB24X368, WB24X384, WB24X414, WB24X426, WB24X439, WB24X441, WB24X445, WB24X796, WB24X5228, WB24X796, WB24X815, WB24X816, WB24X829, 53001019, 54001080, 54001081, 56001036, 8183561, 8184285, R0654097, R0852501    


CALIFORNIA RESIDENT ONLY - Proposition 65 Warning:
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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