ERP PR1 Gas Pressure Regulator 1/2" x 1/2" NPT. Natural 4" LP 10"

ERP PR1 Gas Pressure Regulator 1/2" x 1/2" NPT. Natural 4" LP 10"

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ERP PR1 Gas Pressure Regulator 1/2" x 1/2" NPT. Natural 4" LP 10"

Replaces: Harper Wyman #4600S0001. 1/2" x 1/2" NPT. 4"/10" convertible.


Cross Reference Info: 
PR1, 531-011 King Refrigeration 7510P054-60 Maytag 205C1243P002 7510P053-60 Maytag 7510P049-60 Maytag C305132 Chambers 7510P023-60 Maytag 205C1243P001 1801L49 Brown L35-9L8M Maytag L35-9L8N Maytag 1801L37 Brown WB19K10004 General Electric 7510P024-60 Maytag WB2X4881 General Electric 34-069636-10-0 Amana 7510P001-60 Maytag 3177120 Kitchenaid 7510P002-60 Maytag 34-042302-07-0 Amana OR-003-019-16 Hardwick 3186570 Whirlpool Q211263 Electrolux 5303285729 Electrolux 7510P003-60 Maytag 7510P004-60 Maytag 74007524 Whirlpool 74006282 Whirlpool 7510P022-60 Maytag 3131055 Electrolux 4670G0008 Harper 324528 Whirlpool WB21X5338 General Electric 321753 Whirlpool OR-003-028-99 Hardwick OR-003-025-99 Hardwick WB21X5339 General Electric WB21X10101 General Electric 82540 Dacor 1665-241 Maytag 1665-240 Maytag 1665-236 Maytag 76141-00 Glenwood WB19K0001 General Electric 1665-231 Maytag 135-318Z Maytag 5308007974 Electrolux 323023 Whirlpool 135-31QN1 Maytag 135-31AN Maytag WB21X516 General Electric 8007974 Electrolux 135-31AM1 Maytag 135-31AM Maytag AP310007 Electrolux AP310006 Electrolux 135-34AM1 Maytag 135-34AN1 Maytag 803815 Thermador 4670G0009 Harper 4670G0022 Harper OR-003-015-16 Hardwick A1505551 Electrolux AP00310007 Electrolux 135-118ZR Maytag OR-003-014-16 Hardwick WB21X465 General Electric 02002 Slattery WB21X395 General Electric 8663 Gray & Dudley AP00310006 Electrolux 205837 Jenn-Air WB21X384 General Electric 318122707 Electrolux 4670G0004 Harper 5303016997 Electrolux 4742G0005 Harper 0042302 Whirlpool A150C12/4-10 Leemco 1801L34 Brown 316113600 Electrolux 1801L33 Brown RV47CL12 4-10 Maxitrol 1801L24 Brown 7510P05460 Whirlpool 7510P05360 Whirlpool 7510P02460 Whirlpool 7510P00460 Whirlpool 7510P00360 Whirlpool 1801L44 Brown 1801L43 Brown 3195006 Whirlpool 4600S0001 Harper WB19K1 General Electric Y0069636 Whirlpool, TJERPR1, 4600S0001, 4742G0005, 4742G0009, AP5645678, GR5090.


This is an aftermarket part that can be used as a replacement for the OEM part.

California Residents only

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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