ERP MDS47123605 Washer Door Boot Seal

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ERP MDS47123605 Washer Door Boot Seal

  • Fits Specific LG, Kenmore Front-Load Washer models.

Description: This Door Boot Seal is a replacement part compatible with specific LG, Kenmore front-load washing machine models. It forms a seal between the washtub and the door, preventing water from leaking out during the washing cycle. When this seal fails or becomes worn out, it can cause water to leak from the washer during operation. Common causes of a failing or bad door boot seal include age and wear and tear over time. The rubber material can become brittle and crack due to exposure to heat, detergents, and other chemicals. The most common symptom of a bad door boot seal is water leaking from the washer during operation. Other signs include an unpleasant odor coming from inside the washer due to mold growth caused by trapped moisture, as well as visible signs of wear on the door boot itself such as cracks or tears in the rubber material.

Replaces Part Numbers:
MDS47123605, 2630175, AH3648651, EA3648651, AP5602285, PS3648651. 


This is an aftermarket part that can be used as a replacement for the OEM part.

California Residents only
WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -


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