ERP 2B71165R Microwave Magnetron

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ERP 2B71165R Microwave Magnetron

  • Fits Specific LG, Kenmore and many More Microwave Models.

Replaces Part Numbers: 
2B71165R, 2B71165L, 2B71165P, AH3517729, EA3517729, AP4437489, PS3517729.

Compatible Models:
MVH1670ST LMV1680BB LMV1680ST LMV1635SB MV1604SW LMV1630BB LMV1630WW MV1608WW LMV1630ST MV1608BB MV1604SBQ MV1608ST MV1604SB MV1604ST LMV1680WW MV1645AGT MV1648AD MV1645AGTL MV1648EG MV1643ASY MV1644ATSL MV1648EGL MV1647ADL MV1648ADL LMV1683SB LMV1683SW MV1611BB LMV1625B LMV1625W LMV1635SBQ LMV1635SW MV1611ST MV1615W MV1642AY MV1643BSY MV1643BTY LMV1683ST LMV1762SB LMV1831ST LMV1762SW LMV1831BD LMV1831SW LMV1762ST LMV1831SB 80593 80043 80049 85032


The magnetron uses high voltage, high current DC power to generate the microwave frequency that cooks the food. If the magnetron burns out, the microwave won’t heat. The magnetron is not repairable—if the magnetron is burned out, you must replace it. (Warning: The microwave oven can store a lethal amount of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. Due to the high running voltage and the potential for electric shock, it is extremely dangerous to replace the electronic components in a microwave. Only a licensed technician should replace the magnetron.)


California Residents only

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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