40A15 Appliance Bulb 40W, 130V (Frosted)

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40A15 Appliance Bulb 40W, 130V (Frosted)

  • 40 watts, 130V.
  • 3-1/2" length. Frosted.
  • general purpose med. base.

Description: This bulb is a 40-Watt light bulb. It is designed to function in various household appliances. The bulb is engineered to endure extreme temperatures. This makes it an ideal fit for refrigerators and ranges. It serves to illuminate the appliance's interior whenever the door is opened. 

Replaces Part Numbers:

8009, 14211172, 187, 1958, 19950037, 2252969, 2262969, 304-3, 31956, 31956A, 40A15, 517949, 526949, 54494, 550733, 67003883A, 7407P002-60, 7407P091-60, 7407P103-60, 7407P114-60, 766096, 770852, 790064, 837, A0282803A, A0282803Q, A0282805Q, A0282810, JA99707319, R0130884, R0157818, R0165007, R0762002, R0950124, W10132113, W10132131, W10194422, W10194422V, W10346855, WB08T10022, Y0020478, Y0042175, Y0053950, Y0057030, Y0088673, Y03055001, Y04067202, Y0B00300199, Y0B00300299, Y0B00300399, Y0L01500199, Y701159, AP3607217, PS884734, 40A15, 40A15-2PK, TJS3811, 40A15RVL, 40A15RVL1, 60A, 60A15RVL, 111257, 293547, 339665, 40A15-24PK, 40A15R, 4324154, 4338591, 630610, 65973, 69651, 8004738, 8004883, PM02X0001, PM2X1, PUR LOCAL, S3811, STD372401, STD372402, WB02X3551, WB08T10022, WB2X3551, WB8T10022, WR02X12289, WR02X12327, WR02X12328, WR02X12530, WR02X12594, WX04X0010, WX12X0020, WX12X0109, WX12X109, WX12X1510, WX12X20, WX4X10, AP2596112, PS217532. 


This is an aftermarket part that can be used as a replacement for the OEM part.

California Residents only

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65 

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